ICES Trial Survey and intercalibration
on Passive Sampling

Initiative from WGMS and MCWG

Focal point Foppe Smedes   (RIKZ The Netherlands)                                     Last updated 28 September 2006



Exercise do list



Do what

Receival material

See how material and what material was packed on slideshow (7Mb)

Check the content (frame nr, sheetholder nr and bottle nr) with info here


Sheets and bottles tobe stored in dark and freezer



Expose 2 samplers, leave reference in the freezer

See video on how to mount the sheets

Record water and air temperature salinity.

Perform you musselprogram as designed by yourself

(If you received a mussel basket these can only be placed in the frame from beneath)

Any other parrallel activities


After exposure clean and store sheets in freezer.

Send one set of exposed sheets for reference lab and material back to RIKZ.

(also send one reference back!! If two were sent to you)


Analyse your sheets (see protocol)

Analyse mussels

Report your results

Sediment sampling


Record depth, sampling method and  salinity.

For weight of the bottles see here

Expose 2 bottles, leave reference in the freezer

Perform any parrallel activities


After exposure wash out sediment and store bottle in freezer.

Send one exposed bottle to reference lab

(also send one reference back!! If two were sent to you)


Analyse your bottles (see protocol)

Analyse total sediment including CORG

Report your results


Target list nad PRCs are given here

Dissolve PRC standard in vial (for approximate amounts see here).

Inject and identify retention times of compounds and add them to your calibration table with selected response factor. Note that the ratio between reference and sample is relevant and not the absolute concentration. See protocol for more info